Basic Information

Raptor Panel was initially developed as a custom personal panel to fill a void that was lacking in the current server management application area. After some consideration, we decided to develop it in a way that others would be able to use it too. What RaptorPanel aims to acheive is to provide basic and detailed information on all aspects of your server(s).


  • Ease of Setup - Simply connect to a compatible plugin or wrapper and you're good to go!
  • Centralized - No need to configure and run your own webserver.
  • Versatile - Utilizes public well developed APIs.
  • Free - No cost for use no matter how many servers you own.
  • Detailed - Every bit of information is shown that can be accessed.
  • Accessible - Login from anywhere to manage your server.

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Supported APIs

Wrapper APIs

  • None yet

Plugin APIs

Website APIs

Development Team

Khan Jal