Does RaptorPanel replace current server panels?

No, RaptorPanel aims to compliment existing projects by utilizing their APIs. RaptorPanel does not have it's own plugin or server wrapper software.

What plugin do you use to interface with the server?

The main plugin we use is JSONAPI. We will be including other similar plugins and interfacing with wrappers that have APIs.

Will there be a mobile version?

The site is being made so it can display on mobile platforms. If needed we will provide a dedicated mobile solution in the future.

How secure is our login information?

We use encryption and a salt to protect your login informaiton.

How are you able to encrypt and use our connection credentials?

Connection credentials has to be decryptable to use through JSON. We encrypt credentials with a salt that is created with each server.

How can I secure my connections even more?

Check our knowledge base for more information on conneciton security.

Why are donations needed?

We would like to move RaptorPanel to better hardware to support future features we wish to incorporate.

What are the benefits of donating?

Donators will have the ability to help us test new features.

How much should I donate?

Every little bit helps. Any amount you can donate is helping us provide a better service to you.

Are offline servers supported?

Yes; however, certain functions or features may not be accessible.

How do I link to an offline account?

You cannot link to an offline account because no authentication is possible.

I see offline servers I have never played on in my server history list.

Most offline servers are insecure. So, anyone can use your name if you haven't joined the server and set a server specific password for it.

My server is offline but uses a proxy to authenticate. How do I list it as online?

Offline servers are flagged against players who connect. The server is listed as offline if an offline player connects.