General Features

Feature Description
Utilizes Current APIs RaptorPanel relies on established APIs that other authors have made. These range from bukkit plugins to websites to server wrappers. This allows us to focus completely on adding features to the website.
Minimal Installation RaptorPanel is a centralized website so you don't have to install a webserver or a database. Just configure your plugins or server wrappers and connect them to RaptorPanel.
Data Caching Feature Data is cached so pages will load quicker while a real time update is done in the background. This also helps if your server is offline you can still view all data.

Majority of features use JSONAPI.

Player Management

Feature Description Enabled
Inventory: View Items View all inventory items a player is currently carrying.
Inventory: Add/Remove Items1 Adjust items in player inventory.
Inventory: Give Kits1 Give players manually created kits of multiple items.
View Player Ender Chests View all items in a players ender chest.
Move players: Via Coordinates1 Teleport the player to a specific X,Y,Z.
Move players: To Players1 Teleport a player to another player.
Move players: Preset Locations1 Teleport a player to a preset warp location.
Manage Player Bans Add/remove players from a ban list.
Manage Player Groups3 Add/remove groups from a player.
Manage Player OPs Add/remove players from an OP list.
Manage Player Whitelists Add/remove players from a whitelist.
Change Game Mode Adjust a players game mode.
Adjust Experience Levels Add or remove player experience.
View Health/Food Level View player's heal and food level.
Fully Heal/Feed Player1 Fully heal or feed a player.
Location: Postion View the current XYZ of a player.
Location: Chunk View what chunk coords a player is currently in.
Location: World View what world a player is in.
Location: .mca File View the file that the player loads.
Adjust Economy Balance3 Add or remove an amount from economy balance.
Kick Player1 Kick a player from the server with a message.
Private Message Player1 Send a private message to a player.
View Player First Played Date View a players first server join date.
View Player Last Played Date View the date the player was last on server.
View Available Commands2 Show all commands a player has access to.

Majority of features use JSONAPI.
Requires player to be online.
Requires server plugins to be mapped to BukGet API.
Requires Vault plugin.

Plugin Management

Feature Description Enabled
Enable/Disable Plugins1 Enable or disable your plugins.
Install/Upgrade Plugins1 Install a new plugin or upgrade/downgrade an existing one.
View Plugin Details1 View details about plugin including.
Compare Latest Versions1 View current version compared to all plugin versions.
Receive New Version Alerts1 Recieve an alert or notice if there is a plugin update available.

Majority of features use JSONAPI.
Requires server plugins to be mapped to BukGet API.

World Management

Feature Description Enabled
Adjust Time to Presets Instantly make time day or night.
Adjust Time to Custom Adjust time to a specific hour.
View Current Time See current time in world.
View Current Weather Events View if it is clear, raining, or storming.
View Future Weather Events See how long until the next weather change happens.

Majority of features use JSONAPI.

Server Management

Feature Description Enabled
View Hard Disk Usage View current usage of the hard disk.
View Memory Usage View how much ram is being used.
View Clock Usage View if your server is running at a full 20 TPS
Chat With Players Chat with players through [Server]
Connect to Server Console Connect to server conosole and issue commands.
Start/Stop/Reset Server1 Start or stop your server.
Cached Data Data is cached so that data is viewable even if server is offline.

Majority of features use JSONAPI.
Requires specific wrappers with an API.

Log Management

Feature Description Enabled
Upload Logs for Analysis Upload log file for detailed analysis.
View Detailed Server History View server version change history.
View Detailed Plugin History View plugin version change, add, and removal history.
Search for Specific Events Browse or search your log history.